CASCA Consulting - Create A Sustainable Cometitve Advange
The Company

The Purpose of Our Business 

To provide highly specialized and focused consultation service to global clients that wish to:

  • Apply innovative strategic approaches to establish sustainable competitive advantages (any industries and organizations)
  • Establish and maintain the highest standards in
      • Sustainable Development,
      • Emergency Preparedness,
      • Safety, Occupational Health, and Environmental Protection and Preservation (any industries and organizations)
  • Employ Global Best Practices in the Marketing of Petroleum and Convenience Products, as well as in other aspects of the Petroleum Downstream Business
  • Develop businesses in new geographic regions, especially in Europe, the Middles East, and Asia, and to understand specific relevant cultural behavior and business practices
  • Secure internal expertise at the Board Level
  • Utilize applied creativity and provocative thinking concepts to problem solving approaches