CASCA Consulting - Create A Sustainable Cometitve Advange
Core Programs

Workable and Effective Partnerships: 
Employees, Vendors, Joint Ventures, 
Strategic Alliances, Mergers, Acquisition 

Program and Service Contents:
If One Can't Get There Alone

  • Discuss the processes for gap analysis and identify those components that require the skills and capabilities from third parties to achieve the sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Review and demonstrate the concept of partnership analysis model "The Wheel" and its parameters. This model assists in a pragmatic and thorough approach to identify what kind of partners would be most suitable to achieve the perfect fit.
  • Effective Partnerships with Employees - Empowerment and Alignment. Review the process of creating a very powerful partnership with the employees through the full utilization of an expertly managed empowerment and alignment balance. Discuss examples.