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The Principals

Mrs. Annette W. Ehrhardt   

Mrs. Annette W. Ehrhardt is a Member (Partner) of CASCA Consulting L.L.C., the Secretary and Treasurer, and serves as Senior Vice President for Business Development and Administration.

Following the graduation with a Mathematics Education Degree from Sam Houston College in Huntsville, Annette Ehrhardt became a High School Mathematics Teacher.

She then joined Delta Airlines as a Flight Attendant working domestic and international routes. During this time she also had temporary assignments as a computer systems instructor.

Subsequent to her marriage in 1989, she retired from Delta Airlines after 23 years of service to be able to join her husband, Franz Ehrhardt, on extensive business travels in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Russia, Europe and Africa.

    During this time, Annette participated actively in

  • the analysis of countries,
  • the development and assessment of living conditions for expatriates,
  • and the initiation and furthering of essential relationships with local dignitaries and business representatives.