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Caspian Region, Middle East, and West Asia   

"Caspian Oil and Gas - Challenges and Opportunities",
          -Tehran, Iran (animated slides best viewed in presentation mode)

"India and the Caspian Region -Natural Gas Supply Links",
          -Indian Oil & Gas Conference, New Delhi, India

"Eurasia and Caspian Region - Dynamics and Implications",
          -Middle East Oil & Gas Conference, Bahrain

"Energy Opportunities and Challenges in the Black & Caspian Sea
          Region”,     -Istanbul, Turkey

"The Fulfillment of a Promise – Caspian Crude to Markets”,
          -Tehran, Iran (Abstract)

"Gas for India”,
          -Istanbul, Turkey

"Competitive Position of Caspian Oil & Gas”,
          -Tehran, Iran

"The Role of Iran”,
          -Washington, D.C., USA

Upstream Panel – Introductory Remarks,
          -CERA Conference, Istanbul Turkey

Downstream Panel – Introductory Remarks,
          -IRAEE Conference, Tehran, Iran