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Core Programs

Regional Composite 
Risk Assessment 


This Panel includes experts in the following areas:



  • ~Organized Crime
  • ~Terrorism
  • ~Security and Safety
  • ~Corruption
  • ~Political and Bureaucracy
  • ~Legal and Judicial System
  • ~Finance and Economics
  • ~Business Culture

Regional & Country-Specific

  • ~Countries of the Former Soviet Union, especially, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Armenia
  • ~South-Eastern Europe and Near East, especially, Romania, Turkey, and Lebanon
  • ~China
  • ~Korea
  • ~Mexico
  • ~Arabic Countries of the Middle East and North-Africa, especially Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, and Algeria
  • ~South-East Asia, especially, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia
  • ~Iran
  • ~India