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Key Services

Blue Ribbon Advisory Groups for Risk 
Assessment in Foreign Operations


    To assist clients in the assessment of a range of regional and specific country risks and opportunities, including general business operation and practices, economic and finance, organized crime, terrorism, political, legal and judicial, and corruption risks we have created two Blue Ribbons Advisory Panels consisting of very senior individuals with long and extensive career experiences in the full range of potential risks to be assessed.


Members of this Group can be available individually or jointly for instant specific consultation or for the preparation of extensive studies.


Consultation and advisory services can be contracted via the coordination of CASCA Consulting or directly with those experts following the initial contact with CASCA Consulting. CASCA Consulting does not have the respective expertise, it only acts as a coordinator and a clearing house.


The Panels are divided into Regional Composite Risk Assessment and Oil & Gas Activity Risks


Regional Composite Risk Assessment

Oil and Gas Activity Risks